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Jobs Eligible For Work Visa Sponsorship in Japan

Work Visa Sponsorship in Japan | FAIR Work in Japan

Due to chronic labor shortages, Japan hires workers from various countries to solve this persistent problem. They have even implemented a new visa category to open employment opportunities for skilled foreign workers.

However, getting a working visa in Japan is not a simple process whether you are coming from overseas or already in Japan. In most cases, you need to have a sponsoring employer to get a working visa. You may ask, what are the types of jobs eligible for sponsorship in Japan? Let’s discuss the different types of jobs that are eligible for working visa sponsorship, including jobs that are not eligible.

Jobs Eligible for Work Visa Sponsorship

There are 13 working visa categories allowed by the Japanese government to sponsor foreigners to get a working visa while in japan.
Here are the following:
Working Visa Category Lists of Jobs


University Professor, Assistant Professor
Artist Composers, Songwriters, Artists, Sculptors, Craftspeople, Photographers
Religious activities religious people such as Monks, Bishops, Missionaries
Journalist Newspaper Journalists, magazine Journalists, Editors, news Cameramen, Announcers, etc.
Business manager company presidents, directors, etc.
Legal/Accounting services Attorneys, Judicial Scriveners, Public Accountants, Tax Accountants, etc. certified in Japan
Medical services Physicians, Dentists, Pharmacists, and other Medical Specialists certified in Japan. This does not include caregivers, social welfare workers, or home helpers.
Inter-company transfer This field involves people transferred to the Japanese branch (head office of the same company, etc.)
Nursing care certified care worker
Performer Musicians, Actors, Singers, Dancers, Sportspeople, Models, etc.
Researcher Researchers, Investigators, etc. at research institutes, etc.
Instructor Teachers, etc. at elementary schools, intermediate schools, and high schools.
Engineer/ Humanities/ International services Scientific Engineers, IT Engineers, foreign language Teachers, Interpreters, Copywriters, Designers, etc.

Among the 13 types of working visa categories, the most in-demand for sponsorship in Japan is the Engineer/Humanities/International Services. So if you are in Japan having other types of visas such as student, working holiday, or dependent and you want to switch to a working visa, it is important to qualify on one of the jobs listed above. You should consider the requirements of the sponsoring company. Otherwise, you are not eligible for the working visa sponsorship.

Common Requirements:

  1. Educational background
  2. Certificate of training or specialized skills
  3. The length of related working experience
  4. The required level of Japanese Language skills 

The requirements will depend on every hiring company that will sponsor you for the working visa. Therefore, you should initially check if you have met all of their conditions before you apply for the job.

For more information about working visa requirements and for change status in Japan, please refer to the “Japan Working Visa Requirements” article.

Jobs Not Eligible for Work Visa Sponsorship

If you are already in Japan, and you want to switch your current visa to a working visa, these jobs are most likely do not sponsor a working visa. Otherwise, the companies are big enough and eligible to sponsor a working visa.

  • Babysitter
  • Simple Construction Work (differ from working in a construction company)
  • Cleaning 
  • Restaurant (Server, Kitchen helper)
  • Cashier (Convenience store, department, restaurant, shop and so on)
  • Driver
  • Security
  • Some factory work
  • and so on.

However, some of those jobs mentioned above can be eligible for the visa sponsorship with new working visa category in Japan. That newly implemented visa is the specified skills visa (tokutei ginou, 特定技能ビザ), it allows lower-skilled foreign workers to apply to 14 sectors such as construction, industrial machinery, shipbuilding and marine, fisheries, nursing care, food service, and more others. This visa status allows foreign nationals to stay in the country for a maximum of 5 years.

If you previously worked in Japan as a Technical Intern Trainee, then getting this visa would be easy for you. There’s a higher chance you will get exempted for the language and skills exams, which are the primary requirements for the specified skills visa. The skills test takes place, both in Japan and overseas. However, due to the COVID pandemic test schedules from different sectors are deferred while the nursing care evaluation test is ongoing for Japan demands more workers from this sector. You can check the schedules dates and venues in the “Specified Skills Visa Evaluation Test” article.

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There are various companies in Japan willing to sponsor foreign workers for a working visa. Most likely, these companies are eligible for visa sponsorship. So if you are qualified, why not begin your job-seeking journey in Japan now!

FAIR Work in Japan would like to be part of your job-searching journey in Japan. We provide helpful information on how to get a working visa, and we can also recommend job categories that will suit your qualifications.

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