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Japan Working Visa Requirements

Japan Working Visa Requirements

To be employed legally in Japan, you must obtain a working visa. Otherwise, you will end up as one of those undocumented foreign workers in the country. To avoid such circumstances, you should follow the legal procedures of getting a visa. That primarily demands you to understand the requirements, the certain documents you will provide during the application.

A working visa application can be performed in two different ways, hiring foreign workers from overseas and hiring foreign workers who already in Japan. Both have different guidelines and requirements to follow.

Working Visa Application - Outside Japan

jobAs part of the assessment process, the hiring company will check your qualifications and working experiences. Then, you must be prepared for the requirements to apply for an overseas job.

Basic requirements

  • Updated resume 
  • Original passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of employment
  • School Diploma
  • JLPT certificate (if any)

COE application

After passing the hiring process, the company will process the application for the Certificate of Eligibility for Residence Status at the Immigration Bureau office. As the host company, they must prepare the supporting documents needed for the application.

Requirements for COE

  • Requirements for COE
  • Application form 1 copy
  • Photo 1 copy
    • size: 40 mm long x 30 mm wide
    • Background: Solid white only and no shadows.
    • Remover hat or head coverings
    • The picture must be sharp and clear.
    • Taken in the last 3 months prior to submission
    • The applicant’s name must be written at the back of the photo and attach it to the photo column of the application form.
  • Reply Envelope (Affixed with a stamp worth 392 JPY
  • Supporting documents
  • A copy of the employing company registration
    profit and loss statement of the company
  • Supporting documents describing the company’s business
  • Documents from a foreign national applicant
  • Diploma or certificate relevant to the work in Japan
  • Documents that will certify the applicant’s profession.

The form will be provided at the local immigration office. It also downloadable online from the Ministry of Justice website. Take note, COE application form varies depending on the purpose of entry. You can check it here

Once you received the COE, then you can apply now for a working visa at the Japanese Embassy in your country.

Working Visa Requirements

  • Certificate of Eligibility and one copy of it
  • Completed visa application form
  • Passport
  • Photograph
  • Application fee

Working Visa Application - Already in Japan

Engaging in a job that is within the scope of the status of residence is very important. Why? Let’s take this example if you obtain a residence status classified as Technology Human Knowledge, International Affairs which permitted you to work as an engineer, then working other jobs such as a caregiver is not allowed, clearly because it’s beyond your status. Therefore, if you want to apply for jobs outside the scope of the status of residence, then it requires you to change the status of residence in order to perform it legally. In this case, you and the hiring company will collaborate with the application for a change of residence status to the Immigration Bureau office.

Requirements for Change Status

  • Application form
  • Photo 1 copy (40 mm long x 30 mm wide, complete name on the back of the photo, attached to the photo column of the application form)
  • Documents according to the contents of activities that can be conducted in Japan 
  • Residence card (Including alien registration certificate regarded as residence card)
  • Activity permit Restrictions (if any)
  • Passport or Certificate of Eligibility (If you are unable to present your passport or Certificate of Eligibility, a statement of reasons must be submitted)
  • Documents to prove your identity
  • Revenue stamp (4,000 yen)

Change student visa to work visa

Hiring a newly graduate foreign national student, a change of visa from student visa to working visa is a must. This procedure is called an “application for change of status of residence” which falls under the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act Article 20. It is the same procedure from the above-mentioned, but there is a slight difference in the documents to be submitted. The method of change includes having permission from the country of origin of foreign national students to work in Japan. For more details regarding the application particularly the documents to be presented, check the Ministry of Justice on Japan’s official website here

ok sign

Be prepared!

From passing the job application until obtaining a residence status is a very complicated process. Preparation is the key. It should include the right planning and a lot of understanding to meet all the requirements. And what is more important, is that you should be truthful with all of the information you have provided. Otherwise, you will lose the opportunity to work in Japan.


How to get a Japan working visa?

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