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62. Hotel Cleaning and Bed Making Employee Wanted☆kamakura


★Hotel Cleaning and Bed Making Employee Wanted★ 

Welcome the inexperienced! We welcome those who can work for a long time!

Welcome the people who can work on Saturday or Sunday.

Recruitment Information

Job Title

Cleaning Staff

Job Description

Room Cleaning & Bed Making


 1,100 hour JPY /hour

1,075 JPY/hour(Training period 3months)

Work Hour

*4.5H / day, Welcome the people who can work on Saturday or Sunday.
☆We welcome those who can do it for a long time!

Work Location


Transportation Fee

◆Payment of transportation expenses


Welcome to foreigners, foreign students! Welcome to the inexperienced!

-Must live in Japan
-Must hold a valid visa in Japan
-Conversational Japanese required

Employee Benefits

-payed Leave

-After 6 months of entering the company and one year later, 5,000 yen is paid.

-Transportation fee included
-Uniform provided
-Paid holiday provided
-Social insurance

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