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216. Looking for a Full-time Construction Worker in Kawasaki!


★We are looking for a full-time construction worker in Kawasaki! 

Recruitment Information

Job Title

Full-time Construction Worker

Job Description

  • Involve in construction, renovation, dismantling, and scaffold building. 
  • Install metal or steel frame, or bolt fastening. 
  • Other construction jobs like waterproofing, piping, etc. 


  280,000 JPY/month
        12,000 JPY/day     

Salary depends on the number of years of experience.
The raise depends on your performance.    

Work Hour


8 hours  work 

  • Assembly time may change.

Varies by field of work. 

Holidays and Sundays off. 

Saturdays and national holidays may be closed depending on the site.

Work starts after a morning meeting at morning at 8:00 and work ends after cleaning at 17:00. 

Work Location


Kawasaki District, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture

(Kantou area) 

The site is basically a variety of plant and factories in the Kawasaki area of Kanagawa Prefecture.

You can go directly to the scene and go home.

You can also gather at a company parking lot in Kawasaki and drive to the scene.

Transportation Fee

Paid basic transportation expenses.


Foreigners are welcome to apply but must meet the following requirements:

  • Must currently live in Japan
  • Must have a valid visa and eligibility to work in Japan
  • Able to speak conversational Japanese well
  • Know how to read and write in Japanese
  • Experienced worker is preferred but not required. 

Employee Benefits

  • Insurances: Health, welfare pension, employment, accident and social insurance.
  • Paid medical examination. 

Workplace Information

It’s a company where motivated people gather regardless of their academic background. It’s a bright and meaningful workplace. We also accept regular employees from time to time.


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