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278★Wanted! Construction worker & Construction site management supervisioProject Manager ★


★Construction worker and Construction site management supervisionat wanted

Welcome to inexperienced person!

Recruitment Information

Job Title

1) Construction work at construction site
2) Construction site management supervision

Job Description

Unexperienced individuals OK, preferential treatment for experienced individuals
Large equipment, machinery installation, bringing in, dismantling, assembly, etc., various plants and infrastructure facilities


 250,000 – 500,000  JPY-Month ※Priority depending on experience and ability            

Work Hour

8:00-17:00 ※Depending on the site
Assembly Time:6:00
Break time: 60 minutes during the day, 60 minutes during the rest of the rest.
Day Off; Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays ※Depending on the site, work may be done. 

Work Location

Tokyo, Kanagawa area  

Transportation Fee

Full transportation expenses


Foreigners are welcome to apply but must meet the following requirements:

  • Must currently live in Japan
  • Must have a valid visa and eligibility to work in Japan
  • Able to speak conversational Japanese well
  • Visa type: Permanent residency,  spouse, refugee.etc

Employee Benefits

Social insurance, Bonuses, Salary increases, Promotion, Qualification, and driver’s license.

Full transportation expenses
Complete dorms,(Dormitory costs 50,000 JPY /Month)
Commute ;Car OK motorcycles, etc.OK

Paid leave available

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