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116. Part-time Hotel Room Cleaning Jobs in Narita


★ Hotel bed-making and cleaning staff wanted at Narita★
Hotel cleaning and bed making staff
We welcome beginners, foreigners and foreign students.

Recruitment Information

Job Title


Work type:  Part-time

Job Description

Help in maintaining the cleanliness of the guest rooms. Task include make-up beds and change linens as required, cleaning rooms and more.


1,100-1,200 JPY/hour 


Work Hour

Work 5 days a week (Shift system including weekends)

Work Location

Yoshikura ,Narita -City, Chiba Prefecture
24 min walk from Narita Station on the JR Line
23 min walk from Keisei-Narita on the Keisei Line.
Pickup bus from Narita Station
Commutable by my car (limited to small cars and minicars)

Transportation Fee

Payment within the transportation cost regulations

Commute by car (limited to small cars and minicars)



Foreigners and foreign students are welcome to apply! No related job experience are welcome too!

  • Currently residing in Japan
  • Must hold a valid visa with eligibility to work in Japan
  • Conversational Japanese required

*Student Visa with permission to engage activities

Employee Benefits

-Social insurance (meet the subscription requirements)

-Payment within the transportation cost regulations

-Uniform provides

-Paid Vacation


Workplace Information

“I hope the guests can make a space that is very easy to use, such as arranging the bed and making the bathroom clean.”

You don’t need any special qualifications or skills to start!
We also welcome the challenge we have never had before.
We support the start of the newcomer.
Please learn from the basics and do your best.

≪The only benefit of cleaning hotels »
▪ The workplace is always comfortable!
Work in an air-conditioned room.


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