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92.We are looking for 8t  license Truck Driver -Yokohama!

8t  license Truck Driver-Wanted-Yokohama


Recruitment Information

Job Title

Truck  Driver 

Job Description

Long distance delivery of lightweight items such as insulation materials and empty containers


Work type: Full-time

280,000 ~ JPY/month

Work Hour

Varies depending on traffic conditions
Break time 60 minutes or more
Overtime work Time within legal time
6 days/week
The schedule is subject to change.

Work Location

Seya-District, Yokohama-City, Kanagawa-Prefecture  

Transportation Fee

Payment under the Transportation Expense Regulations


  • Must live in Japan
  • Must hold a valid visa to work in Japan
  • Driver’s  license (8t license)
  • Basic Japanese

Employee Benefits

Holiday;Sundays, national holidays, Golden Week, Summer, and New Year holidays  

Payment within transportation fee regulations, 3 times a year bonus, raise, complete social insurance, uniform provided  , car/bike commuting, qualification support included


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