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290.Recruiting construction and civil engineering managers! (Kanagawa Prefecture)

★We are looking for a construction and civil engineering manager.preferential treatment for experienced people
The main location is in Yokohama city.

Welcome to inexperienced person!

Recruitment Information

Job Title

Construction Industry

Job Description

Construction/Civil Engineering/Renewal Construction

Construction Management


 215,000 JPY/Month   College graduates (Including Field Allowances)            

Work Hour

8:00 ~ 17:00

Work Location

Kanagawa Prefecture, Tokyo 

The main construction location is in Yokohama city.

Transportation Fee

Transportation expenses


  • Must currently live in Japan
  • Must have a valid visa and eligibility to work in Japan
  • Able to speak conversational Japanese well
  • A graduate of a university(A liberal arts university is fine.)

We will give preferential treatment to experienced people.

Employee Benefits

Job title allowance, Qualification allowance, Construction site allowance, Commuting allowance, Joining a company lump sum support for employment (100,000 yen), Company housing system available

Bonus: 4 months a year (results in the first year of the Reiwa era)

Annual pay raise; Once a year

Workplace Information

Established in Yokohama for 53 years, I have been contracting for construction of new condominiums and civil engineering works.
The site of the contract is mainly within Kanagawa Prefecture.
There is no transfer, so there is an environment where we can work in our hometown for a long time.
We are also focusing on the development of young people, and we are able to memorize our work one by one through detailed instruction such as training.

With a experience, I hope you will become a full-fledged field supervisor within 10 years of joining the company.We are looking forward to your applications if you have a dream of becoming involved in building a building!

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