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86. Water Supply System Workers Wanted!


★We are always looking for people who are motivated.
Water Supply System Workers Wanted!

Welcome to foreigners!

Recruitment Information

Job Title

Construction Industry

Job Description

Civil Engineering and Water Supply System Construction


12,000 JPY/ day plus Bonus

Work Hour


Assembly time may change.
Sometimes, work ends earlier than the usual or you need to work overtime.

Work Location

〒252-0143 Midori District, Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture

Collect and move to your workplace.

Transportation Fee

Transportation expenses

Up to 1,000 JPY/day


Welcome to foreigners, foreign students! Welcome to inexperienced person!

-regardless of educational background

-Must live in Japan

-Must hold a valid visa to work in Japan

-Conversational Japanese required

Employee Benefits

Full-time employment


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