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310.Would you like to participate in the foundation work for the construction together?


★Foundation work★

Welcome to inexperienced person!

Recruitment Information

Job Title

Construction site foundation worker

Job Description

Use ropes to mark the perimeter of the foundation of a building.
Use heavy machinery such as power excavators to dig up soil to the foundation.
Place moisture-proof sheets on crushed stones and flush concrete.
Use reinforcement to withstand tensile strength
Form a shape and pour concrete into
When the concrete is strong enough, remove the form and start finishing.


  11,000-15,000 JPY/Day           

Work Hour

8:00-17:00 (The meeting time in the morning is around 6:30)
We can go directly to the site and go home.

Work Location

Kanagawa Area 

Office;Kanazawa Word, Yokohama City,Kanagawa Prefecture

Transportation Fee

Transportation expenses


  • Must currently live in Japan
  • Must have a valid visa and eligibility to work in Japan
  • Able to speak conversational Japanese well

Employee Benefits

Social insurance.

Employment insurance

Transportation expenses

Workplace Information

Sunday, National holidays, Summer holidays, New Year’s holidays, GW 


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