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213. Hiring: Licensed Truck Driver (4t) – Yokohama


★We are looking for a licensed truck driver in Yokohama!

Recruitment Information

Job Title

Truck Driver

Job Description

Operate 4t  truck. 


  1.  280,000~ JPY/  month (4T Driver)
  2.  300,000~ JPY/ month (Bigger truck)
    (We will inform you about details during the interview.)       Trial period (3 months) available    

Work Hour

5:00AM – 15:00PM

21:00PM –  7:00AM

(Work hours may vary, depending on route.) 

◆Other-hour consultation

※With breaks

Work 5-6 days/week,

Paid holidays.

Day Off;6to more day/month ;sift system

Work Location

〒 246-0008

Seya District, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

10 minutes by bus from Minami-Machida Station on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line,

2-minute walk from the bus stop

※Commute by car or motorcycle OK

Transportation Fee

Paid transportation expenses.


Foreigners are welcome to apply but must meet the following

  • Must currently live in Japan
  • Must have a valid visa and eligibility to work in Japan
  • Able to speak conversational Japanese well
  • Medium-sized drivers license or higher (limited OK)
  • Experienced people will be given preferential treatment.        

Employee Benefits

  • Paid leave
  • If you want to rent accommodation, the company can help you get approval or pay the rent on your behalf and deduct the rent from your salary.

Workplace Information

Image of someone looking for

Drivers are required to have several qualities, many of which are identical to the elements required by adults themselves.

■First, self-management skills

It’s the power to know and improve yourself, to control your behavior steadily. 
Relax, perseverance, decency, and liberality come from there.

■Second, safety attitude
Not only crime prevention and disaster prevention, but also the destruction and loss of things and the number of failures in work and daily life are not without risk of traffic accidents.Relaxed behavior is a manifestation of the same consciousness.

■ Third, correct understanding of rules
Again, we must be able to understand the spirit of laws and regulations correctly and act accordingly, rather than simply following them.If there is a problem with the rules, we will also try to show better ways and improve them.

■Fourth,Capacity to care about people-to-social issues
You have to think about other people’s positions and society as a whole, and know how and how to make your relationship work smoothly.
It is necessary to have at least these four qualities and to have safety knowledge and operational skills to apply them to driving.Anyone who can always think and act cool will surely win trust in any field of the world.

We look forward to those who can respond cheerfully, such as those who are willing to work, those who have common sense, and those who are considerate.

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