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302.We are looking for field supervision and part-time staff for civil engineering work.


★Why don’t you experience civil engineering and equipment construction?

Welcome to inexperienced person!

Recruitment Information

Job Title

Construction of residential land creation

Equipment construction

Job Description

〇 Construction of residential land creation


Cutting, embankment , retaining walls, earth retaining, road construction

〇Equipment construction

Construction of water supply and drainage facilities

Installation of water supply pipes and drain pipes



250,000 ~JPY/Month

Including transportation expenses           

Work Hour


Assembly time may change.   

Work Location

Office; Atsugi City ,Kanagawa Prefecture

Tokyo, Kanagawa area

Transportation Fee

Including transportation expenses  


Must currently live in Japan
Must have a valid visa and eligibility to work in Japan
Able to speak conversational Japanese well
18 years of age or older
If you have a driver’s license, that’s even better.

Employee Benefits

Family allowance

Housing allowance

Provision of work clothes and tools

Salary increases and bonuses

Bonus: It depends on the company’s performance.
Social insurance

National holiday

Year-end and New Year’s

Summer Vacation


Workplace Information

We are recruiting field staff and equipment construction staff and supervisors who will be involved in civil engineering and equipment construction.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve experienced it.
Veteran staff will teach inexperienced people on a one-on-one basis.
If you can manage the site, you can work as a field supervisor immediately.
We value motivation, so please tell us about your enthusiasm in the interview.
We will support your career advancement through the qualification support system and the independent support system.
The more hard you work, the more you earn, so it’s an ideal environment for those who value a sense of income stability.
Also, the employees get along well with each other and occasionally hold a drinking party without the president.
You will soon get used to it, so please feel free to apply.

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