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☆Foreigners working together☆

No Resume Needed! 28 hours/week is available!

5 min walk from Shinjuku Station

Hiring Information


Izakaya Staff

Hall Staff:Take orders、Serving dishes、Cashier

Kitchen Staff:Cooking


1,100 yen/hr+Transportation fee provided


Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku#-#-# 5th floor ### Building


No experience, Foreigners are welcome!

※Required to have N4

Business Hour

→1 day a week available、1 day/4 hr~OK!Short-time is also available
→Weekdays only/Weekends only are also Available
→Every 2 weeks update the shift


Working length

  • Minimum working length:1 month

  • Minimum days of working:1 day

  • Minimum working hour:1 day/4 hours

Working Shift

  • Shift Update:Every 2 weeks

Every 2 weeks update new shifts! Students are able to manage their class and activity schedule!
Working hours and days are very flexible with us!
Emergency can be contacted with Managers and your teams with using social media!! Easy to talk people!

Hiring Needs

5 Staffs

Hall Staff:Remember the table numbers and foods on the menu!
Taking orders from customers、customer services and cashier!

Kitchen Staff:Cutting several vegetable for making salads dishes for beginning!Friendly staff will teach another dishes one by one!

Transportation Fee

  • All the transportation fee provided

Weekdays only/Weekends only are also Available!
Friendly and kind teammate! 90% of workers love this job!
Of course, welcome party for new staff!! from our friendly staffs!!

Employee Benefits

■Pay rise■Transportation provide■Health Insurance Provide
■Uniform Provide■Meals Provide

Work Environment

Staff Members

  • Male:13

  • Female:11

Staff age

  • Teenagers:3 Staffs

  • 20’s:16 Staffs

  • 30’s:5 Staffs

Staff Members detail

  • Secondary Student:1

  • University/College/Vocational Students:13

  • Employee:4

  • Part-time:6

Friendly and Kind staff always support you★
We do not ask for experiences! Come join us for warm family members!

Working Style

Salary example:

  • 1,100 yen/hr


1,100 yen/hr、3 days a week、5 hours/day
66,000 yen/Month

・Of course full-time and employment also Available!

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