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Message from President

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Shunya Kagawa

We always doubt the entry restriction on travel and immigration that implemented by law in each country. Restrictions put as into limitation in finding job opportunities abroad. We are supposed to be fair because all human beings are created equally, so welcoming people coming from all over the world should also be done with fairness.

Our primary purpose in building this business is to give the world our message, “FAIR World.”

Our company encourages fairness to the world by helping those foreign nationals who are seeking better opportunities in Japan.

Hopefully, in the future, entry restrictions will be over so we can create a fairer world.

Mission Statement

  1. Provide excellent quality services
  2. Show positivity in facing new challenges
  3. Deliver the best and fastest options satisfactorily
  4. Continually improve to maintain our standards
  5. Function in a free environment to value the utmost priorities

About us

Company Name: FAIR Inc.
Address: 7-7-26, Nishishinjyuku Shinjuku-District, Tokyo
CEO: Kagawa Shunya (Job Placement Manager #: 001-190116131-07432)
Our Services:Business description: 1. Employment placement services for foreigners
                                           2. Construction industry,Scaffold Builder , civil engineering, road pavement and demolition
                                           3. Security service
                                            1) Traffic guidance and security services such as construction and road construction sites
                                            2) Traffic security services for various events
                                           4. Study abroad counseling, admissions procedures, local support in Japan
Qualification number: (Employment Placement Manager number: 001-190116131-07432)
                     (Security Certificate: Tokyo Public Safety Commission No. 30004535)
Contact Us:

E-mail: info@fairness-world.com